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Rejoignez Notre Equipe

Ici à Simmering Shots, nous sommes toujours à la recherché de gens talentueux pour rejoindre notre équipe. Si vous pensez avoir le charme et le charisme nécessaire pour être une shot girl ou un shot boy qui réussit, alors continuez à lire…

The Simmering Shots girls


Témoignages de membres de notre équipe:

  • Testimonial

    I’ve just finished my second season working for Simmering Shots and I am planning on doing another. My first was a summer season and the second was a Ski season - I enjoyed both thoroughly. I had the freedom to do as I liked most days and by only working short yet busy shifts, I managed to save a lot of money and met so many different people from all around the world!

  • Testimonial

    I first joined Simmering Shots for the 2012 summer season in Ibiza and enjoyed it so much I did a second season in 2014. Working for Simmering Shots doesn’t even feel like working - you get to work in some of the most famous clubs in Ibiza with an amazing atmosphere whilst chatting to different people every night and sharing a round of shots with them. As the job is commission based, the harder you work the more you earn – I had enough to go to all the nights I wanted to, travel around the island and managed to save a lot to take home with me too! Aside from the brilliant earning potential I built up contacts with the different venues for guest-lists and drinks deals, and would often be invited to VIP tables and parties with customers. I got to meet some amazing people from all over the world.

  • Testimonial

    I had such a fun time working for Simmering Shots in Ibiza. The thought of selling to customers within a commission based job was daunting at first but my confidence grew and I ended up having an amazing time. I was getting paid to party in Ibiza’s best venues, meeting people I would never usually meet whilst having a enough free time to spend my days tanning on the beach and going to clubs after the short shifts. I was then given the opportunity to work for Simmering Shots in Chamonix Ski resort which was a completely new experience but I loved it just the same. Through Simmering Shots I have earned and saved a lot of money and met friends for life! If you’re friendly, sociable and have a lot of drive to make money then Simmering Shots is the job for you.

Nos Prérequis

  •   Filles ou garçons attractifs entre 18 et 28 ans avec un excellent physique et personnalité
  •   Compétence prouvée et expérience dans l’accomplissement d’objectifs de vente
  •   Anglais courant et Espagnol / Français sont requis, si possible
  •   Excellentes Manières
  •   Excellentes relations sociales et capacité à s’adapter pour travailler dans différents environnements
  •   Individus engagés et travailleurs, pleins d’énergie
  •   Charisme et charme qui vous font vous démarquer d’une foule de gens
  •   Un grand sourire et une détermination à réussir
  •   Une expérience précédente dans la vente de shots est un bonus mais n’est pas essentielle

Si vous pensez remplir ces prérequis, alors remplissez et envoyez le formulaire ci-dessous.

Merci de noter que nous avons besoin de 2 photos – une doit être de tout le corps, et l’autre doit être une photo claire du visage.



Full-length photo:


Why would you suit this role, and what sales experience have you gained from previous employment?

** All fields are required.